Catwick Patrol

The Southern Area Group consisted of 17 Patrols forming five Groups (No’s 5 – 9). The Area Group Commander was Captain Walter Kitching JCIP/60/1 DOB 07/08/1897 who was the Steward at the Grimston Estate. He was also Group Commander of No 5 Group. His assistant Area Group Commander was Captain Carrington JBAG/65/4 DOB 03/12/1899 and was a Leather Sales Manager with a Beverley Tannery. Captain Carrington was also Group Commander of No 7 Group. The group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Robert Greenwell Hugill JCIS/25/3 DOB 23/02/1916 an Engineer from Seaton.

Group 5 Consisted of Bewholme, Catwick, Skirlaugh, Aldbrough and Hornsea Patrols.

Patrol Members

Sgt Gordon Thomas Speed                                             JCIC/86/3              Farmer                  30/11/1919

Cpl John Edmund Simpson Richardson                      JCIC/13/3              Farmer                  08/12/1917                          

Pte George Arthur Hill                                                       JCIC/15/1              Farmer                  04/01/1908          

Pte Kenneth Newton                                                         YJBK/1135254    Farm Worker       12/08/1913

Pte John C Hodgson                                                         JCIF/10/3              Farmer                  01/07/1914

Pte Harry Thompson                                                         JCID/58/3              Farmer                  16/02/1922

Patrol targets included RAF Catfoss Airfield earlier used as a Fighter base for the protection of Yorkshire, it then moved to a Coastal Command Base. A key airfield as Large Bombers could land here.