Cottingham North Patrol

Cottingham North Patrol was part of Number 8 Group. Group 8 consisted of Cottingham North, Cottingham South and Bilton Patrols.

Commanded by Captain Stanley Holmes DOB 10/04/1896, a Provision Merchant at Cottingham. The Group Sergeant was Sgt Robert E Williams of Hull DOB 12/05/1901, a works foreman. He had originally been a member of the South Cave Patrol when he lived in that area.

Sgt Jack H E Steele                                      Sanitary Inspector                        10/09/1908
Cpl Joseph Long                                           Grocer                                            17/07/1897
Pte John G Lindsay                                      Doctor GP
Pte Ronald Newlove                                     Fitter                                               19/11/1926
Pte Mark K Wilson                                        Market Gardener                          04/12/1913
Pte Alan Bolton                                             Farmer                                           25/12/1926
Pte John S Rhodes                                       Butcher                                          24/06/1913

Original Members of the Patrol

Cpl Harry Nicholson – Joined the SAS
Pte Leonard Wollas   – Joined the Regular Army served with the Sudan Defence Force
Pte Reginald Hoggins
Pte H Brocklehurst


Only Two members of the Patrol can be identified on this photograph – 3rd from left Leonard Wollas. 3rd from right Harry Nicholson

The OB was situated beneath a green house in the grounds of The Grange and to get into it you went to the Boiler House and moved aside a pile of Coke. Mrs Susan Pace, the daughter of Unit member Leonard Wollas told how at one time the whole Patrol nearly died from fumes from the boiler house and it was only that Unit Member John Lindsay a GP who was out on a call returned to find the whole Patrol on the verge of death. The Grange was demolished to make way for Cottingham High School development.