Albert Munzer

Remembered Here Today

Albert Munzer was one of the names that should have made it onto the Eton Street Memorial, but for some reason did not.

Albert died aged 28 after contracting Spanish Influenza aboard the HMT Ariadne on 14 October 1918. Along with two other crew members who also had the disease, he was transferred to the hospital ship HMS Glory. The trawler was up near Murmansk, Russia at the time, so he was buried at the New British Cemetery in Murmansk.

He left a wife Nellie and daughter Kitty, as seen in one of the photographs. They lived at 8 Myrtle Grove, Eton Street. A memorial service was held at the Fisherman’s Bethel.

The family still have a letter that his wife Nellie wrote at the time which says, “If only they had brought him home – just for me to have seen him. Sometimes I feel as though I shall go mad with the thoughts of it all, but I shall have to bear up for little Kitty’s sake. I hope that she will never forget him. She is always talking about him.”