Bridlington North Patrol

Bridlington North belonged to Number 1 Group which consisted of Bridlington South, Burton Fleming, Burton Agnes, Kilham, Flixton and Wold Newton. The Area Group Commander was Captain Charles V Colley of Bridlington. Captain Colley was also the Group Commander of No 1 Group. His assistant Group Commander was Lt Neville J Woodward. Group Sgt Clerks were Sgt Jeffrey Horsfield and Sgt William M Jacob. The training W.O. was CSM Frederick K Richardson.


 Sgt Albert Berry                         JBBA/163/1                                     Motor Engineer                                    05/06/1893

Cpl George H Parkin                JBBL/49/1                                        Haulage Contractor                            24/06/1905

Pte John Woodcock                  JBBD/568/3                                     Farmer                                                   15/01/1924

Pte George Robson                  JBBZ/81/1                                        Farmer                                                   14/12/1907

Pte Lancelot W Colville            JCDK/5/6                                         Farm Worker                                        03/03/1916

Their OB was located within a small Wooded area which back in 1940 was in the middle of nowhere.

Today it stands within a housing estate but the OB is no longer accessible.

We believe the Patrols objectives would have been the monitoring of the Coastline with Bridlington, which  had a suitable harbour and facilities to offload supplies and equipment. The main Coastal Railway ran not too far from the OB giving ample opportunity for sabotage work