Hornsea Patrol

The Southern Area Group consisted of 17 Patrols forming five Groups (No’s 5 – 9). The Area Group Commander was Captain Walter Kitching JCIP/60/1 DOB 07/08/1897 who was the Steward at the Grimston Estate. He was also Group Commander of No 5 Group. His assistant Area Group Commander was Captain Carrington JBAG/65/4 DOB 03/12/1899 and was a Leather Sales Manager with a Beverley Tannery. Captain Carrington was also Group Commander of No 7 Group. The group Sgt Clerk was Sgt Robert Greenwell Hugill JCIS/25/3 DOB 23/02/1916 an Engineer from Seaton.

Group 5 Consisted of Bewholme, Catwick, Skirlaugh, Aldbrough and Hornsea Patrols

Patrol Members

Sgt Stanley Gladstone French                        JBIE/198/7                            Dental Surgeon                   28/02/1898

Cpl Arthur Samuel Pratt                                   JHID/151/1                           Machine Organiser            21/10/1888          

Pte George R Dowson                                      JBIA/116/1                            Clerk                                      01/08/1889

Pte Robert Francis Bell                                    JCIE/82/3                              Pig Farmer                           17/04/1905

Pte Barrie Shaw-Maclean                                JBIA/280/1                            Civil Engineer                      23/12/1903

Pte Frank Hartley                                               JBID/70/1                              Clerk                                      15/07/1890

Pte Stanley F Cookson                                     JBIA/174/3                            Accountant                          06/05/1896

An earlier member of the Patrol had been Allanson Hick, an Architect.

Patrol targets were the Hull to Hornsea Railway Line. The Coast and beaches at Hornsea were heavily fortified as it allowed good landing areas for a invasion force. It is noted in the members of this Patrol a high level of “Professional People”. I feel as no strategic targets except for the railway has been seen maybe this Patrols function was to harass the Germans within the Town and the supply structures for the invasion fleet.