Lockington Patrol

Group 4 consisted of the Bainton and Lockington Patrols and was Commanded by Lt Frank Fletcher Byass JCFC/96/3 DOB 16/06/1914 a Farmer from Bainton who was the original leader of the Bainton Patrol.

Patrol Members

Sgt William Walmsley                        JCA/1300/4600                   Woodsman                           30/04/1907

Cpl Thomas Hill                                  JCAD/4/3                              Farm Worker                       14/02/1914

Pte Leonard Hill                                  JCAD/4/4                              Farm Worker                       22/08/1923

Pte George Alwyn Brayshaw          JCAE/65/3                            Farm Worker                       27/08/1920                          

Pte George Harrison                         JCFX/55/4                             Farm Worker                       12/02/1921                          

Pte Arthur Clubley                              JCIK/104/6                           Farm Foreman                    16/11/1920

Pte George Arthur Nicholson          JCID/85/5 


Earlier members of the Patrol were George Watson and Clarence Hudson.

Patrol targets were RAF Hutton Cranswick and the Hull to Scarborough Railway Line


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