North Cave Patrol

North Cave was part of Group 9 who’s Commander was Lieut W.H Cross DOB 01/01/1903 of Everthorpe, Brough. He was assisted by 2nd Lieut James Harrop DOB 19/07/1914. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt John Cross17/05/1904

The Group consisted of Brough, North Cave and South Cave Patrols

Patrol Members

Sgt H. Cobb        Aircraft Fitter            02/10/1919
Pte K.A Thornham          Tractor Driver    14/01/1913
Pte E. Cobb       Aircraft Woodworker      20/12/1912
Pte D. Suddaby       Aircraft Fitter            20/04/1914
Pte E. Thompson       Bricklayer                21/11/1016

Former Members
Sgt Frank Lowthorpe Bricklayer 14/06/1904
Pte Arthur Jackson Aircraft Fitter 22/02/1925
Pte Cyril Pease

A nearby OP was situated on the Hedge line however this could not be found. A Telephone connected to the OB was in the OP, The OP was sighted with good views of the road between Hotham and the main road from South Cave to Market Weighton

The OB is set within a small plantation on a large bank that I think is natural. Clay soil abounds everywhere and the OB is not that far beneath your feet. Patrol Targets are easily identified as The Blackburn Aircraft Company at Brough Aerodrome which is still in use today, and also the Drewton Railway Tunnel that serviced the Hull to Barnsley Line

A strange concoction of rooms and tunnels made up the North Cave OB. Apparently an earlier OB was built which they then used as an explosive store and built a better OB next door. To gain entry to the OB you first slid back a tree trunk, which led down into the Ammo Store. You walked through the store to a tunnel entrance to the OB. The Escape shaft and the Entrance shaft were extremely close together. See Plan

Many of the Members worked at the Blackburn Aircraft Company and would have had first hand knowledge of its topography