PC Robert Garton

Remembered Here Today

Died 31 March 1941, aged 46

The ARP Control buildings, (the site was at the corner of Ferensway and Spring Bank), were badly damaged, causing the destruction of valuable records. Fire watchers on an upper floor were other fatalities. The blast swept the staff in all directions, wounding some, rendering others incapable of action through shock. Ceilings fell, walls caved in, fire broke out. Broken office furniture was piled up everywhere making the vacation of the building difficult. Some of the staff stayed on to fight the smaller fires or to give the layout of the building to the rescue parties. Despite the many problems, ARP Control was functioning before dusk fell the next day

The following is a condensation of a report of an incident in the raid given in ‘The Hull Times’ on April 5th : ” One of the persons killed was the Deputy Medical Officer of the City, Dr David Diamond, he had just finished a successful campaign asking for blood donors, which resulted in many wanting to do so, for the benefit of people injured in air raids. Dr Diamond was in the basement of an ARP post, talking to a councillor and a Dr Wheatley, who had just arrived in Hull to take over as Casualty Officer, when it was demolished by a direct hit. When the bomb exploded Dr Diamond took the full blast and was killed instantly, two soldiers in an adjacent car park and PC Robert Garton who was on duty at the door of the ARP post were killed and no trace of the policeman was ever found”. The ‘bomb’ was in fact a landmine – still forbidden to be mentioned as such It is presumed that the building was the ARP HQ in the Shell Mex building at the corner of Ferensway and Spring Bank.

In the aftermath of the above Exposion Only tatters of PC Gartons uniform were found. No Plaque is visible today to show what happened here