Rise HQ

This OB was used as the County HQ for some time before it moved to Middleton-on-the-Wolds. It was somewhat custom built by the plans made from Captain Peter Hollis who was the Commanding Officer / Intelligence Officer of the East Riding. Being the HQ OB this dictated its size so it would accommodate extra supplies for other Patrols and could accommodate other Patrol members who’s own Patrol OB had been destroyed or discovered. When the HQ moved to Middleton on the Wolds the Skirlaugh Patrol moved in to this OB. It is located Just outside the Village of Rise. NB Landowner would not like any directions to the OB Publishing

Full permission was granted and many thanks to the Landowner to survey this OB as it is sited on Private Land and no Public Access is allowed.

The condition of the OB Very Good however it is deteriorating. Entered via a Shaft into a 45-foot chamber approx 9-6 feet wide. A second chamber possibly an ablutions area is quite small as space is took from two water tanks with taps in the wall. A tunnel leads off from this for 29 feet to a sump area with a second tunnel to the escape shaft measuring some 27 feet long.

A huge OB that was very hard to see from the ground, it was so well concealed within the landscape that I doubt we would have found it without the Landowners help.


Alan Williamsons East Ridings Secret Resistance 2004