Settrington Patrol

Group 2 of the Northern East Yorkshire Auxiliary Units consisted of Norton, Settrington and Scampston Patrols. They were Commanded by Lt Henry Towse who was the Scampston Gamekeeper and was born in 1904

Patrol Members

Sgt William Samuel Eggleton                          JCMH/50/1                           Gamekeeper                       16/06/1900

Cpl Harold Hugill                                                JCMH/30/2                           Market Gardener                                04/02/1904

Pte Roland Gilbert Walden                               JCMH/89/4                           Farm Bailiff                          03/09/1912          

Pte Charles William Hodgson                         JCMH/83/6                           Farm Labourer                    13/01/1908                          

Pte John James Scott                                      JCMJ/35/1                            Gamekeeper                       14/01/1902          

Pte Samuel Raymond Wardell                        JCMH/35/4                           Farmer                                  17/03/1911          

Pte James Watson Sleightholme                   JCMH/51/2                           Shepherd                              11/11/1904


A Pte Kenneth P Pickersgill  appears to have been an earlier member of the Patrol

The OB was destroyed

Not a lot is known at all about this patrol. In the vicinity of this Patrol was RAF Wombleton a Bomber Command Training Airfield and RAF Cottam although this fell out of use due to its location and was always out of action due to bad weather. Training was carried out in Nine Springs Dale between Settrington and Duggleby