Skeffling Patrol

The Skeffling Patrol was part of No 6 Group.  The Group consisted of Skeffling, Sunk Island and Withernsea Patrols.

The Group Leader was Captain Harry Dixon DOB 08/06/1905, a farmer from Old Hall, Sunk Island.

The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Johnson DOB 06/08/1905 of Halsham, a Tractor Driver.

Members                          Occupation              Date of Birth

Sgt. Henry F.Robinson        Farmer                   08/11/1902
Cpl. Leonard Medforth        Farmer                    12/05/1914
Pte. Edward Wilkin               Farmer                     17/10/1903
Pte. Robert Pinder                 Farm Worker          18/08/1901
Pte. Richard W.Dixon             Farmer                       06/12/1922

Pte. Arthur Owen Welton       Fruit Broker      03/05/1905

Pte. Walter Caley of Burton Pidsea had been an earlier member of the patrol.


The OB had been built under two derelict cottages that was entered by a trap door hidden under a pile of bricks next to the East wall of the cottage

The chamber which was under one of the cottages ground floors was revetted with corrugated iron sheeting and had an escape exit consisting of a short tunnel with a hatch into the scullery floor of the adjoining cottage. Bunk beds lined two of the walls with a hinged wooden table and elsan toilet. A telephone line linked the OB with nearby Winsetts Farm. Mr Charlie Hills, the Landowner informed me that a few years ago 3 of them used a digger to try and find the OP but other than a few sheets of corrugated Iron no trace was found.

Many Thanks go to Mike Welton, Easington. Family of Henry Robinson, Robert Pinder and Arthur Welton for the use of his Photographs and to Mr Charlie Hills for his information on the OP



Where the cottages once stood