South Cave Patrol

Group 9 was Commanded by Lt William Cross JCKS/48/3 DOB 01/01/1903, an agricultural Worker at Everthorpe. His Assistant Group Commander was 2lt James Henry Harrop JCCD/8/1 DOB 19/07/1914 an Aircraft Draughtsman. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt John Leonard Cross JCKS/48/4 DOB 17/05/1904. The Group consisted of Brough, North and South Cave Patrols

Patrol Members

Sgt Ronald Sinclair  Massey           JCCG/165/4                         Aircraft Stress Analyst                     11/02/1916                          

Cpl Benjamin R Taylor                      JCCB/113/5                         Timber Feller                                       25/03/1918

Pte Gordon Provo Watson               JCCB/166/1                         Technical Author                                21/08/1906                          

Pte Ernest Christopher Colbeck    JCCB/32/6                            Stores Supt                                          01/06/1901                          

Pte Charles Arthur Mason               JCKR/115/5                         Aircraft Engineer                                20/02/1914


Earlier Members of the Patrol:


Sgt Robert E Williams who became No 8 Group Sgt Clerk, Cpl John L Cross who became No 9 Group Sgt Clerk. Pte Stephen C Woodward and Pte Thomas S Watson.

The OB was destroyed after hostilities, Targets would have included the Drewton Railway Tunnel. We know the Patrol carried out Training at Middleton Hall.