Sunk Island Patrol

Group 6 was Commanded by Captain Harry North Dixon YJBK/869/457 DOB 08/06/1905 a Farmer and Contractor from Sunk Island. The group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Johnson JCHL/10/1 DOB 06/08/1905 a Tractor Driver of Halsham. The Group consisted of Skeffling, Sunk Island and Withernsea Patrols

Patrol Members

Sgt John Rodham Wigham              JCHG/31/4                            Agricultural Committee Official      01/05/1916                          

Cpl Charles K Todd                           YJBK/9675/25                     Farmer                                                  28/03/1924

Pte John Alfred Meadley                  JCHG/18/4                            Farm Worker                                       14/11/1912                          

Pte Leonard Harrison                       JCHH/34/4                            Tractor Driver                                     06/10/1914

Pte James Carter Smith                  JCAN/28/1                            Agg Machinery Supt                          28/02/1898


Earlier Members of the Patrol


Pte Robert H Dixon

Pte William Farndale

Patrol targets:  RAF Patrington was a Radar Station and used for Ground Controlled Interception. Possible shipping movements on the River Humber