The Clara Stark

During WW2 at the height of the Blitz the MV Clara Stark was positioned in the Docks to be ready to fight any fires that her hoses could reach. 

Through the years this bastion of Fire Fighting has held her own and even today she is still afloat and enjoying her pleasure cruising in her old age. 


I contacted Jill who had owned her from 1989 to 2000 and she said of the Clara Stark

“I bought her from Brighams Ship Yard in Hull when she was on the hard at Hull marina. When she was relaunched Graham Stark, Claras Grandson did the honours with a bottle of bubbly, I still have the press shot somewhere. We stayed on the trent for a couple of years working her for towing and salvaging then moved round to the Norfolk broads were she was bought by David Riley and he lived aboard and moved her to France and that’s the last I heard of her. I brought my youngest daughter becky up on her.

A beautiful piece of Hulls History and Wartime Past. 

Any Information as to what she may doing now would be very grateful