Thomas Arthur Gell

Information of Thomas came from Gilian his daughter.

Thomas Arthur Gell born Fern Avenue, Waterloo Street in Hull, 12.1.23. He left school at 14 and joined the Army in 1942 aged 19. He trained for 4 months at Victoria Barracks in Beverley, after which he did invasion training in Scotland and the Isle of Wight. He was then sent to join the South Lancashire Regiment and as part of the 3rd British Infantry Division landed on Sword Beach on 6.6.44, D-Day. Their objective was to take Chateaux La Londe, Hermonville and then to reach Caen. The fighting that took place in and around the Chateaux La Londe has since been described as the bloodiest square mile in Normandy. After much fighting they moved on to Caen, then through to Belgium, Holland and Germany.

After the end of WW2  Dad was posted to Egypt and Palestine. He left the army in 1946. He was awarded 5 medals. He died 29.12.13, aged 90.