Westow Patrol

Group 3 of the Northern Area Auxiliary Unit Patrols consisted of Leavening, Westow and Wharram Patrols. No 3 Group was commanded by Lt Robert Sisterton JCMF//1/4  who was born on 12/11/1909. He is described as a Vermin Destroyer and lived at Settrington. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Edwin Robson JCMH/81/1 of Settrington born 14/06/1912 and was a Porter/Signalman.

Sgt Fred Hodgson                    JCMA/34/1                      Labourer                               03/01/1908

Pte Sidney Hodgson                JCMB/128/1                   Farm Labourer                    30/07/1906

Pte Charles Edward Cook     JCMB/121/4                   Joiner                                    16/09/1897

Pte Wilfred Dennis Cook        JCMB/121/1                   Joiner                                    05/05/1927


Pte WD Cook later joined the RAF and saw service overseas.


The first Patrol Sgt had been Sgt Wilfred E Parker and the original Cpl was Herbert Spenceley. Cpl Spenceley is listed in the Nominal Rolls as a Sgt Herbert Spenceley JCMA/1/4. There is no record of Wilfred Parker.

 Pte Edgar Smallwood JCMD/55/3 who is listed in the Leavening Patrol was also known to have been a former member of the Unit as was Pte Earnest Lee, Pte Leslie Wray and Pte Bernard Wardle