Wharram Patrol

Group 3 of the Northern Area Auxiliary Unit Patrols consisted of Leavening, Westow and Wharram Patrols. No 3 Group was commanded by Lt Robert Sisterton JCMF//1/4  who was born on 12/11/1909. He is described as a Vermin Destroyer and lived at Settrington. The Group Sgt Clerk was Sgt George Edwin Robson JCMH/81/1 of Settrington born 14/06/1912 and was a Porter/Signalman.

Patrol Members

Sgt Harry T Wilson

Cpl Thomas Johnson                        JCME/67/1                            Vermin Destroyer              27/11/1908

Pte Albert Burton                               JCMF/5/1                              Quarry Foreman                 05/02/1898

Pte Harold Walker                              JCMN/58/5                           Farmer                                  26/03/1905

Pte George W Snaith                         JCMF/3/4                              Motor Fitter                          05/01/1926

Pte Charles H Mears                         JCMK/90/6                           Tractor Driver                     06/04/1918

Pte George W Snaith DOB suggests that he was only 13 at the outbreak of War. This entry has been checked and seems to be correct. In 1941 he would of been 15 and maybe an Apprentice Motor Fitter.

Patrol targets were the Driffield to Malton Railway Line and Burdale Tunnel.

Training was carried out at Coleshill, Middleton Hall, and Guisborough with exercises at Settrington Hall and local Air fields. Weapons were known to be Revolvers and Stenguns